The fine work of the fly reel by KINEYA is the new Bi-Metal.
With the nickel silver side plates in the raised pillar brass rim.
All compromise to product this reel is removed.
Everything of the production know-how which is accumulated is gathered and summarized in this “Reed” Model 45.

The artistic new design seeks beauty to the structural item inside. Nickel silver is used for also spool plate, Genuine “Bi-Metal (2 kinds of metal)”, suitable prejudice.

European buffalo horn (angle) to allot to the handle knob, noble, classical elegance just the reaching high fishing instrument. We deliver to all flyfishers who likes upper quality and refinement.

​line capacity DT3F (30yds) or DT4F
reel diameter 56.5mm
spool diameter 53mm
spool width 25.4mm
weight 136g

The Kineya Reed Model 45 is the perfect reel for small stream fishing! A flawless reel in function and design. It really made fishing for these Native Golden Trout on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada mountain range a real joy! This small stream, at the 8700 elevation mark can only be fished 6 weeks out of the year. Near the end of June we leave them alone when water levels become very low with warmer temperatures may causes stress to the fish. Even in seasons with very little snow run off these hardy little fish manage to make it to the next year.

​"Reed" Model 48.

​"Reed" Model 33. marble

​"Reed" Model 33. chic