Model 700 series

The clean, simple frame of stainless rims and black resin plates paired with the
graceful curve of the s-shaped handle, the Model 700 dual-bearing reel exudes
classic elegance.
The smallest member of the 700 series- the narrow spool Model 700N or the wider
spool version- Model 700, either fixed-click type reel would be ideal for small
stream fly fishing.
A reel diameter of 66mm (2-19/32”) makes the narrow-spool Model 711N
and the wide-spool Model 711 reels highly versatile. These midsize, fixed
click reels are ideal for fly fishing a variety of waters from mountain streams
to mainstreams to quiet pools.
The 703 704 704 705 and 706 is ideal for aggressive big trout, and land-locked salmon.
703 is designed to balance with 6- and 7-line rods and 704 is for 8- and 9-line rods.
Both of these models featuring original made Disc-Sandwiched Drag system.

I used the 706 Spey reel during our annual trip to Norways river Aa. Included is a picture of my first salmon on the reel. It was a long running fish in the sea pool, and I can report that the reel worked flawlessly.

I am very pleased with the beautiful design, excellent workmanship, and flawless performance of my new Kineya 704 reel. It is a work of art, and a powerful fishing tool at the same time.

The 700 series feet are fixed with adhesive.
In the past 16 years, the model 700 had 3 problems (less than 2 people with the same problem) less than 0.7%. This is mainly due to falling.
Since 2000
1% trouble with screw lock (with adhesive recently)
0.5% trouble with solder
In the cabbage, the bonding area of the first type was not enough, so there were many problems with the adhesive.
Now we change the shape and solder it.
Three types of fixing methods are used as own designed.
I like the adhesive in Japan.

Do not purchase people who hate glue!